Is a Rotten Apple Still Sweet?

Is a Rotten Apple Still Sweet?

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At the young age of seven, Raven found her mother dead on the bathroom floor, having overdosed on heroine. She knew she would never end up like her mother, but it wouldna€™t be easy to change her life circumstances, especially since she was suddenly and terribly alone at the age of seven. But Raven was always special. She was beautiful and filled with life; sometimes, she would even feel her mothera€™s spirit watching over her, keeping her safe. As Raven grows into a young woman in the inner city of Toledo, Ohio, she eventually meets the man of her dreams, Calvin. As she soon finds out, though, you cana€™t always tell a good apple from a bad one just by looking at its skin. Calvin gradually turns into the man of her nightmares, as their relationship spirals out of control and deep into the depths of physical and emotional abuse. As Ravena€™s confidence slowly breaks, she feels her lively spirit breaking, too. Raven still feels the spirit of her mother, pulling her back to their family tree and the strong roots that raised her. Somewhere, Raven must discover her inner beauty again, hidden beneath the bruises. She must find the will to go on living, despite a broken heart. It is the strength of her core that will keep her alive and dreaming. The good apple that had some bad luck can still be sweet with a little hope, love, and faith.Calvin had the most sexiest thin mustache, goatee and side burns to die for. He was the epiphany of my, a€œdream man.a€ Calvin yelled out a€œlight skin! ... a€œMake sure ita#39;s what you want.a€ a€œYou may get what you may not want !a€ Calvin was tripping he anbsp;...

Title:Is a Rotten Apple Still Sweet?
Author:Red Angel
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-11-01


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