Is Anybody Out There?

Is Anybody Out There?

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Beyond our skies...and imaginations. Are we alone in the universe, and if not, who else-or what else-is out there? Here are thought-provoking stories that explore such questions as: Do intelligent species invariably destroy themselves by nuclear war or ecological collapse? Are the sentient aliens that do exist just too far away? Do they exist in forms beyond our comprehension? Are they among us, but undetectable? These are just some of the possibilities explored by a stellar lineup of contributors.Hea#39;d rather get mugged. ... tell them all what he really thinks of his daughtera#39;s writing, how mocked he feels that all she can offer the world is adolescent feel- good fantasy, dripping with just the right amount of simulated blood and fake angst.

Title:Is Anybody Out There?
Author:Nick Gevers, Marty Halpern
Publisher:Penguin - 2010-06-01


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