Is There a God?

Is There a God?

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Is there a god? This question has haunted our ancestors since time immemorial. It still haunts billions of people today in every corner of the Earth. However, the god question has always, a€œWhose god?a€ Religion is an ingrained part of modern life. It is pervasive in business, politics, and war. But is religion necessary for a civil society? Or is religion the linchpin of a divided society? Take a stroll through history to determine if it is possible that any human-conceived god ever existed. Then decide if a supreme being is responsible for the physical, psychological, and spiritual worlds. The truth shall set your mind freea€b... birthed by virgin mother, denoted by star in the East, adorned by three kings, became teacher at 12, baptized at 30 and started ministry, traveled with 12 disciples, performed miracles; ... Although the ancient craft astrology is alive and well.

Title:Is There a God?
Author:Trung Nguyen - 2015-06-25


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