Isabella St. Clair: A Vamp Is Reborn

Isabella St. Clair: A Vamp Is Reborn

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Isabella St. Clair returns back to the the mystical Vieux Carre, from the muddy swamps of Pearlington, Mississippi as a decomposing zombie and bechances upon the spirit of Felicity through her voodoo spell, Fares de Sacrifices, thus reuniting with her immortal lover from the past, Rene the beginnings of a deceitful masquerade that ultimately leads to an immortal war between Isabella's sire, Prince Acadian.Mystery filled with secrets from the past, murder, deceit, within the underground world of the Vieux Carre, thus vengeance is the crusade that drives Isabella to revenge her mother's death, vengeance that leads Isabella through the many hidden passageways beneath the Vieux Carre, reborn into a beautiful immortal vampire, succeeding the punishment by the Elders, the judges of the creatures of the night, thus, making new ties with Marie Laveau, II.Storyline takes place within the late 1800's, within the New Orleans' French Quarter, the infamous Storyville, and the swamps of Bayou St. John.Belle within Dauphina#39;s imagination looked just like a porcelain doll, just like the ones that had surrounded her, and the more passive Belle appeared to her, the more frightened Dauphin felt. Belle gave a delicate exhale, and suddenly, heranbsp;...

Title:Isabella St. Clair: A Vamp Is Reborn
Author:Denise Wilkinson
Publisher:Isabella St. Clair - 2010-07-13


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