It Happened to Me

It Happened to Me

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Elizabeth Johnsona€™s life has been like a constant roller coaster ride since the time she was born. Being born with a special gift to pick up people emotions was a blessing and a curse to her. A blessing because she was able to help so many people make it through some hard times. A curse because she found herself in the middle of so much drama. Born to an alcoholic mother and not knowing her father she felt like she never knew who she really was. Journalizing was always therapeutic for her because it allowed her to release her deepest thoughts when words from her mouth were lost. Elizabeth lost her memory because of a bad storm but she never lost her love for God. Her parents were killed in a bad car accident. She found herself alone with no parents to lean on except her grandmother, who also eventually passed away. With her lack of understanding and desire to be loved, she found herself part of the statistics, a pregnant teen mom. She lost her baby because of medical issues and found herself deeply depressed and bitter. Her best friend Emily just left and no one had any information as to what happened to her. She felt like God didna€™t love her because he kept taking the people she loved away. Going through life Elizabeth felt alone, lonely and lost. She did not know who she was, where she came from or why she even existed. The people she allowed in her life loved her but also dreaded her because she was always opinionated. As she goes on this journey called life, she finds her true purpose. She also realizes God never left her. He was just building her up for something special.As Emilyand Elizabeth were walking down the hall someone walked up behind Elizabethand puttheir hands over hereyes. When she turned around it was ... Elizabeth said, a€œIta#39;s going down what areyou talking about?a€ Emily said, a€œMeand Chrisanbsp;...

Title:It Happened to Me
Author:Judy Nolen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-12-09


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