It Seems Like Only Yesterday: Bisbee and Patagonia

It Seems Like Only Yesterday: Bisbee and Patagonia

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Bob Lenon came from Nebraska to Yuma, in 1914, just two years after Arizona had become the 48th state. He remembers seeing the Colorado River when it had no highway bridges and traveling on a plank road across dunes where an Interstate Highway now runs. Because Bob grew up listening to neighbors' tales of gold in the hills, it was natural for him to make mining his life-as a prospector and as a mining engineer. He became an intrinsic part of the process by which copper, gold, and other metals were extracted from Arizona rock. In more than 90 years as an Arizonan, he has witnessed many changes, and, in fact, as a surveyor, he mapped a lot of them! In this second of two volumes, Bob describes his university years and his work for big mining companies in Bisbee and then as a smalltime entrepreneur in a region where mining had fallen upon hard times. He also recalls his service in World War II, after which, for 50 years, he was a mining consultant and owner of a surveying firm in Patagonia. In addition, he recounts tales told by a few of the historic maps in his vast collection.I grew up with miners and mining all around me in Yuma, and I did quite a bit of prospecting for gold-bearing ore or placer gold during the Depression. As hard work as it is, mining became a habit in those days. There was money in the rock, anbsp;...

Title:It Seems Like Only Yesterday: Bisbee and Patagonia
Author:Robert Lenon, Robert Whitcomb
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005


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