It Takes Two

It Takes Two

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When Justine Diamond met football player Zachary Wayne aboard a cruise ship, it was like a sweet dreama€”and just as unreal. As fast as she fell in love, he disappeared. And she thought she would never see him againa€b But Zack didn't leave her. His sudden departure was due to an emergency. Now he just has to convince Justine of thisa€”if he can find her first. But Justine is not so willing to take chances, let along grant second ones. And when Zack waltzes into the Nebraska pet shop owned by Justine, he has to win her trusta€”to win her heart. Perhaps a little bird or two will help him.a€œWhata€”what did they say?a€ Oh, Lord, she ... At a youth rally once he had made a speech encouraging other teens to a€œJust Say No.a€ Unaware ... Shea#39;d heard about it, and now she believed it because it had certainly sounded like a human gasp.

Title:It Takes Two
Author:Sheridon Smythe
Publisher:The Wild Rose Press Inc - 2010-01-22


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