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200 pages Indexed. I LOVE Italian cuisine, and so a lot of LOVE went into this cookbook from all who so generously shared their prize recipe secrets for makihg the AUTHENTIC dishes you love, as well as exotic variations.. . They exemplify the Italians LOVE of cooking and sharing good food that is healthy and easy to prepare in the following categories: o ANTIPASTI, SALADS, VEGETABLES o SOUPS o PASTA, POLETA, RICE o SEAFOOD o POULTRY, FOWL o MEATS, GAME o EGGS, FRITTATA o PIZZA, BREADS o CHEESES o SAUCES, DRESSINGS o HERBS, SPICES o SAUCES o DESSERTS, PASTRIES and also has: o OLORFUL PHOTOS o GLOSSARY OF 72 PASTA SHAPES, . ILLUSTRATED O INDEXWhen hot, add chicken pieces and brown on all sides. Add oregano, basil and season with salt and pepper to tatste. Add 2 tablespoons clarified butter to skillet and heat. Then add wine, lemon juice and garlic. Reduce heat and saute 4 to 5anbsp;...

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