Italy Today

Italy Today

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Italy Today represents one of the most comprehensive examinations of contemporary Italy. It is a provocative and an innovative collection that aims to highlight the current a€˜crisisa€™ of the country through an analysis of several different a€˜dark shadowsa€™ of contemporary Italian society. Italy already had a long history of a€˜unsolveda€™ issues, several chronic problems and contradictions that have been ignored for a very long time, during which they have assumed dramatic proportions and gravity. The peninsula has now become the a€˜Sick Man of Europea€™, a country facing a veritable decline also caused by apparent incapacity and difficulties of the ruling economic, political and social elites. Discussions include: an evaluation of the current predicaments of the political system analysis of emerging mafias, including new powerful crime organizations such as a€˜Ndrangheta issues surrounding the ongoing presence of Fascism examination of the recent xenophobic tensions discussion of problems associated with the missed opportunity of the EU funding, and the increasing regional economic gaps outline of the systemic troubles of Italya€™s economic and industrial system. Written by leading experts in the field and covering a wide range of topics, this collection is essential reading for all those seeking to understand the issues and problems that are facing contemporary Italy.Belpietro, M. (2007) a€œVeltroni leader del paese dei furbia€, Panorama, 15 November. Brunello, P. (1996) ... Available: pdf. Colombo, D. (2007) ... (2005) a€œQua#39;est-ce qua#39;un campo nomadi?a€, conference paper:anbsp;...

Title:Italy Today
Author:Andrea Mammone, Giuseppe A. Veltri
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-02-25


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