It's a Dog Eat Dog World

It's a Dog Eat Dog World

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Wacky Wisdom about the Weird and Wonderful Things of Life that bring Refreshment to Your Soul Martin Babb's slightly skewed view of the world makes for engaging, enlightening, and enlivening reading as he waxes eloquent about the weird and wonderful things of life. Amid the humor, you'll find spiritual refreshment for your soul and wisdom for living life as God intended. In this hilarious collection of brief writings about the funnier side of life, you'll find titles like: qIt's OK to Sing to Mushrooms, but Never Goose a Mooseq qWhat Would Happen if Beauty Ignored the Beast?q qWhen Life Gives You Cicadas, Make Earringsq qWhat Happens When You Squeeze a Chihuahua?q qDid the Pilgrims Drive a Mayflower Subcompact?q qThe Best Stage for a Teenager Is the One That's Leaving Townq Each humorous essay is just two or three pages long and concludes with an easy-to-swallow lesson. But you'll hardly feel the lessons for the laughter. Take a much-needed break, put your feet up, relax, and prepare to laugh. Your soul will be hilariously refreshed.It also makes numerous stops in flight to mark its territory. The long-eared owl is ... The secretary bird of Africa kills and eats poisonous snakes and lizards, but not before she types their letters and makes them coffee. The most unique of all isanbsp;...

Title:It's a Dog Eat Dog World
Author:Martin Babb
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2006-10-03


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