It's a Dog's Life...but It's Your Carpet

It's a Dog's Life...but It's Your Carpet

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Why does my dog lick his balls? Admit it; youa€™ve always wanted to know. Well, finally therea€™s a professional out there whoa€™s not too embarrassed to answera€“bone-fide veterinarian, critical-care specialist, and dog lover Dr. Justine A. Lee. Ita€™s a Doga€™s Life . . . but Ita€™s Your Carpet takes you behind the scenes to look at the training and off-the-record opinions of a certified vet, and answers all the questions youa€™ve always wanted to ask about your dog, including: Is a dog's nose a good indicator of his health? Can a Chihuahua and a Great Dane mate? Why do dogs eat their own poop? What's the smartest breed? Can I get my dog's ears pierced? Why does my dog roll around in rotting feces? If I mix food coloring with Fluffy's kibble, will it make her poop easier to find in the yard? Written by one of two hundred veterinary board-certified emergency critical-care specialists in the world, Ita€™s a Doga€™s Life . . . but Ita€™s Your Carpet offers factual and funny answers to some of the most common, offbeat questions about our beloved companions. Whether youa€™re looking for advice on pet rearing, solutions to your dog's most frustrating habits, explanations of his weirdest quirks, or simply a good laugh, this book is sure to informa€“and entertaina€“dog lovers of every breed. From the Trade Paperback edition.When you take photos of your dog, the flash from your camera reflects off this tapetum, resulting in a red-eyed appearance. Ia#39;m afraid it wasna#39;t ... Adobe Photoshop. How often do I have to clip my doga#39;s nails? That depends. How much do you like your leather sofa? Ita#39;s always safest to keep nails trimmed as short as possible, anbsp;...

Title:It's a Dog's Life...but It's Your Carpet
Author:Dr. Justine Lee
Publisher:Three Rivers Press - 2008-04-01


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