It's a Dog's World

It's a Dog's World

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Leta€™s face it, fellow dog lover: Your pets are like your children (with fur). Pets bring endless joy to our lives: When wea€™re down, they lift our spirits. When theya€™re sick, wea€™re sick at heart. We let them have the run of the house and sleep on our bedsa€”but the unconditional love and loyalty they give back is so wonderful that we want them to have the best of everything. Now Wendy Diamond, pet-lifestyle expert and avid animal rescue advocate, has written a sassy yet practical guide to help you and your four-legged family member live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life together. Written with her beloved Maltese, Lucky, Ita€™s a Doga€™s World shows dog moms and dog dads how to get their precious pooches from shaggy to chic and offers savvy breed-specific advice on a variety of topics you may never have considered for your pet, including: a€c puppercisea€”keep Fido fit with fun puppy exercises, from the traditional to the more modern (a€œdoga, a€ anyone?), that are tailored for each breeda€™s unique needs a€c doggie diet tipsa€”the lowdown on the dog chow that packs the biggest nutritional punch, the trick on organic treats, foods to avoid, and such yummy (in your doga€™s opinion) recipes as doggie meatloaf a€c home, sweet dog homea€”smart choices for flooring and furniture, avoiding hidden household hazards, litter training, and a few tools that keep everyday pet messes to a minimum a€c travel tipsa€”including the ideal dog carriers, paw-blic transportation, the most accommodating airlines, hotel petiquette, and the best destinations a€c paw-ty with your poocha€”having fun with other furry friends at Mutt MakeoversAr and bark mitzvahs, plus hosting your own Yappy HourAr with signature puptails (to benefit your local Humane Society) a€c choosing Mr. (or Ms.) Ruffa€”finding a dog well suited to you and your family, from spunky sporting dogs to hypoallergenic hounds a€c here comes the grooma€”bathing secrets, pawdicures, and dental health a€c fashion sensea€”keep it classy and comfortable, from fetching couture trends and snazzy doggie bags to casual dog-park wear for you and your pooch a€c and of course the pet lifestyle is about much more than just designer doggie dudsa€”learn what you need to know about helping other dogs in need through fostering, donating, or adopting Complete with a€œDear Luckya€ letters from other dogs and tips for humans from the doggie perspective, this fun and entertaining guide is for anyone whose life has blissfully gone to the dogs. From the Hardcover edition.From the Hardcover edition.

Title:It's a Dog's World
Author:Wendy Diamond
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2010-02-09


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