It's All About Money: Winning the Healthcare War!

It's All About Money: Winning the Healthcare War!

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If you want to fix healthcare in the United States, read this book! Healthcare costs have soared out of control for the past several decades. Much has been written about what qsomeoneq should do to fix the problems. However, there has been very little written to tell you, your business, your community, and your elected officials HOW to lead the movement for change and how to take control of the healthcare business. This book is written in simple terms and explains how the U.S. healthcare business evolved; it identifies the major contributors to problems plaguing healthcare in the United States; and it leads you through the steps you can take to create a healthcare system that focuses on you and your family. Unfortunately, healthcare in the United States has not been designed to focus on you and your family-it has evolved around payment systems. It's all about money, not you! This is like the tail wagging the dog. You can lead the movement for change in healthcare and we can have a system in which the dog wags the tail.Today, my dog is Phoebe, a cute little Pug with a curly tail that is wagging most of the time except when she is sleeping. ... The tail does not wag the dog. ... other healthcare service providers that charge inflated prices, so they can give big discounts that yield artificial savings and inflate administrative costs! ... The early policies covered lost income from diseases like scarlet fever, smallpox and diabetes.

Title:It's All About Money: Winning the Healthcare War!
Author:John Sanderson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-05


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