It's All About the Woman Who Wears It

It's All About the Woman Who Wears It

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Emmy(r) Award-winning Judge Cristina Perez, of Cristina's Court, imparts ten qlawsq to empower women. With her quick wit, charm, and genuine compassion, Judge Perez has not only redefined the role of intimidating TV court judge, but also gained the trust and respect from a new generation of young women. In It's All About the Woman Who Wears It, Judge Perez lends the same candid voice, humor, and understanding that she applies in Cristina's Court to ten impactful laws. Together, these laws can teach women that the real essence of being sexy comes from a strong sense of identity. They address the problems women commonly face that prevent them from realizing their full potential for happiness. Sharing personal experiences that have made her the confident woman she is today as well as the many real-life lessons imparted from her cases, Judge Cristina's words will resound among this new generation of women who take a no-nonsense approach to life and, above all else, want to be true to themselves.Think about how many times we saw how effective nagging could be in lighting a fire under a mana#39;s behind. ... found it easier to treat their husbands and children the same waya€”just for the sake of efficiency and to keep the household running efficiently, with everyone pulling their weight. ... Remember this the next time the third reminder to your husband to take out the garbage is just on the tip of youranbsp;...

Title:It's All About the Woman Who Wears It
Author:Cristina Perez
Publisher:Penguin - 2010-03-02


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