It's All Gumbo to Me

It's All Gumbo to Me

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qThe gumbo pot and its contents serve as a means to understand the need to create communities through grass roots activities so people can better relate to themselves, others and the world around them.q This book focuses on multiple layers of culture in the United States. It is a text that addresses cultural phenomena through the metaphor of Gumbo, a southern cuisine developed by slaves. It's All Gumbo to Me is a phrase that captures an understanding that we are all in this world together. Like gumbo, we are all in the pot together. We may be saddened or outraged by the events of life that occur, but we ought not be surprised. We can, however, impact our world for the better by adding ingredients of hope, meaning and spirit (among others) to the pot so that the circumstances that we find ourselves in can be altered thereby making our world better for ourselves and our communities.As I have said, when I make the statement Ita#39;s All Gumbo to Me I am really referring to the world that we live in or the a€œgumbo pota€ and what happens when you ... I dona#39;t know how others like their roux, but I like mine a little clear and soup -ish.

Title:It's All Gumbo to Me
Author:Cyrus Marcellus Ellis, Phd Cyrus Marcellus Ellis - 2008-02


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