It's Hard to Keep Secrets in Colfax

It's Hard to Keep Secrets in Colfax

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qIt's Hard to Keep Secrets in Colfax, q and in some cases, it's even harder to stay alive. In a small town everyone knows everyone and no body can avoid the scrutiny of the most popular girls in town. When these girls become obsessed with the local serial killer, whom the news calls qThe Night Stalker, q but they refer to as qThe Prowler, q they become a powerful driving force in the town. The girls love Colfax the way it is: small, pure and controlled by The Prowler. When a new girl moves to Colfax, she brings to question their whole way of life. In order to maintain their outlook on life and keep their power the girls make it their mission to get rid of the invading qnew girl.qThere is only one way to make it clear to her that the Prowler takes people, not because they are special, but because they are stupid. The Prowler is ... We are excited when Jane doesna#39;t show up at five-forty. Candles are lit ... The music is turned loud and the lights are turned low. ... Only people with no lives take down their Christmas lights, we know better because we know they can be used for parties.

Title:It's Hard to Keep Secrets in Colfax
Author:Marcella Cramer
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-06-12


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