It's My Money and I'll Cry If I Want to

It's My Money and I'll Cry If I Want to

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There is a serious lack of conservative books with a sense of humor. This book fills that gap. Ia€™ve always hated the assumption that Democrats and big unions represent the average working man. Wrong. As a carpenter, I demand the freedom to keep more of my own money to help my OWN family, rather than see the government steal it, waste it, and give a little bit back in the name of a€œcaring.a€ Ia€™m trying to create a future for myself, but the government is trying to create dependency. And they are doing it with MY MONEY!Xa#39; Xa#39; Xa#39; A school in the Albany area wants to show a video to eighth-graders on the proper way to use a condom. ... sex. . .the parents who objected could sign a form promising to educate their children at home on how to put the condom on.

Title:It's My Money and I'll Cry If I Want to
Author:Glen Carlsen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-04-01


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