It's Not Going Down Like That...

It's Not Going Down Like That...

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It's not going down like that... Cracks along the Way is the searing memoir of Renee Darlene Chaplin's journey from the lowest place in her life to her new, very spiritual life. Her life-threatening addiction to drugs sent her to some of the dirtiest holes where junkies congregate the so-called ritzy castles with grey skulls that housed and trapped the lost. She describes a world fueled by prostitution, theft, murder, and manipulation by addicts and hustlers trying to make money to support their addictions in the only way they know. She uncovers the brutal, life-threatening secrets that have killed many addicts who never found their way out of that life. Her memoir is a cautionary tale by an addict who lost so much to her addiction but was able to reclaim her life in the end. So many are still lost in an epidemic that has plagued our communities for decades and is still so very present in our neighborhoods. They must first search within themselves, find the root of the addiction, and then seek recovery to be free of the web of addiction. She is sharing her memoir with the hope of helping other addicts to recover their own lives.It was business as usual, and making money was what they did and they were good at it. While we ... We were seeing it everyday whenever they were around. ... I remember Wesley Snipes attended a show; it was at the peak of his career.

Title:It's Not Going Down Like That...
Author:Renee Darlene Chaplin
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-11


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