It's Not The Freaking Wheat America!

It's Not The Freaking Wheat America!

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In America at present, 69% of everyone over the age of 20 is overweight to some degree. Worse, more than half of us are clinically obese. In fact, there are more clinically obese and overweight people in the United States than there are overall people in Mexico and Canada. This being the case, books and diet regimens regularly hit the headlines which in recent years especially have bent over backwards to try and inform us that our weight is all wheat's fault. Complex carbs, not eating like cave people like apparently we all should be, you name it, the weight loss industry's blamed it. However, the problem at hand isn't America's consumption of breads and cereals. Neither in fact, is America's couch potato culture entirely to blame for the ever broadening of two hundred and fifteen million of our respective waist lines. In fact, all blaming things like wheat for America's health and diet woes does, is blinker us from what is really wrong with many of our diets and lifestyles. 'It's Not The Freaking Wheat America!' Will therefore attempt to clarify exactly why we have got as big and unhealthy as we have recently, before educating you in no uncertain terms what you can do to start looking and feeling legitimately better about yourself. That said, I'm no nutritionist or dietary expert. I have however, been on something of a personal dietary adventure over the past six years and in the first three of those years I learned enough about basic diet and nutrition to loose the extra hundred pounds which I personally had been collecting since college. Real weight loss however, isn't possible in just one weekend. Don't therefore purchase this book if you're looking for a quick fix to help you reel in your waistline. The simple truth is that the only way there really is rip, shred or burn 2000 calories in just one weekend is by you taking a blow torch to your favorite brand of frozen pizza. Moreover, I for one am sick of all the gimmicks and well publicized false promises. I've been the person who has felt like the biggest person in the room. I wasn't ever obese and I'll never be skinny, but I've been abjectly lonely and depressed because of my weight. What I want to do then, is tell people not just how they can really start loosing weight, but ultimately how they can be happier too. Real sustainable weight loss only starts to happen though, when we also start to educate ourselves in regard to what is really in a lot of the food that we eat every day. It's Not The Freaking Wheat America isn't therefore just another diet book, first and foremost it's a basic education tool, one which I hope will help whoever reads it start building a better dietary and ultimately happier and more fulfilling life for themselves.4 In the den, MTV then starts shouting something at you from Nicki Minaj and a following commercial break stretches ... You will come home later, throw something in the microwave and switch on the television. ... via wifi, your views on the book you started reading today and what you think of Miley Cyrusa#39; new music video.

Title:It's Not The Freaking Wheat America!
Author:Chelsea Manning
Publisher:Chelsea Manning - 2015-05-20


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