It's Your Choice - Uncover Your Brilliance Using the Iceberg Process

It's Your Choice - Uncover Your Brilliance Using the Iceberg Process

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Subtitle: Rapid, powerful and effective strategies for health, wealth and happiness - Learn to use The Iceberg Process, Emotional Freedom Techniques, the Law of Attraction and more. Only every once in awhile does something new come along that can really make a difference - this is it, don't miss it Whether your life needs a radical overhaul or just a little tweaking, this book is for you. Often it's the simplest things which we overlook that can create miraculous change. Change doesn't have to be difficult given the proper tools and guidance. When you let your language reflect your dreams and not your limitations you too can discover your brilliance and your natural power. This book is filled with insightful, effective and easy to use techniques and exercises. Annie Cap explains clearly how to use her strategies; The Iceberg Process or TIPs, for rapid improvements in your life. She offers you fresh new twists on using the very popular Law of Attraction and the transformative tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) so you can use them successfully for yourself. With her own tried and tested shortcuts and included worksheets you can expand your conscious awareness and uncover the opportunities surrounding you. This will allow you to move forward, unobstructed, into an abundant life of wonderful experiences of your choice. As you recognise your own personal icebergs and iceberg words, it becomes your choice to change your destructive patterns and beliefs uncovering your intrinsic inherent brilliance. Both individuals and fellow coaches will benefit from the many ideas and strategies presented here. What if every day, or even a hundred times a day your mind was clearly and concisely telling you what was keeping you from achieving your dream life, having true abundance and vibrant health? What if you knew your very words were contributing to your lack of success, depression, anxiety, pain or even ME, wouldn't you want to know about it, so you could do change it? A new amazing connection has been made between your language and the events in your life offering you the awareness and power to release yourself from vicious cycles of sabotaging negative patterns. Your good and bad experiences, beliefs, intentions and expectations are continually being reflected in your everyday choice of words. Becoming aware of these clues or signposts your mind is providing can dramatically improve your life. Using this incredibly powerful discovery and the author's strategies referred to as The Iceberg Process (TIPs) you can easily isolate both effective and negative patterns subconsciously creating or shaping your behaviour and experience. Then It's Your Choice to embrace or resolve them for good. This book offers fascinating yet easy to apply concepts making transformation accessible and understandable to everyone. It provides real opportunity for success, healing and miraculous change. Annie Cap's discovery bridges the gap between our human day to day experience and what's now being proven in science, medicine, modern energy psychology (EP) and spiritual, universal communities (in epegenetics, quantum physics, molecular biology, neuro-science, Chinese Medicine, Acupunture). You'll learn how to use popular EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka 'tapping' or MTT, Meridian Tapping Techniques) with Cognitive Therapy (CBT)) and NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming made popular by Paul Mckenna and the universal concept the Law of Attraction for fast and efficient results.It is generally supported in the tapping community that if you are reversed (or you are being effected severely by an energy toxin) you will get little or no results from your tapping if you do not begin by tapping on the Karate Chop Point or Soreanbsp;...

Title:It's Your Choice - Uncover Your Brilliance Using the Iceberg Process
Author:Annie Cap
Publisher:Paragon Publishing - 2010-10-01


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