It's Your Pregnancy

It's Your Pregnancy

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Dr. Niels Lauersen, clinical professor of Ob/Gyn at New York Medical College, provides sensitive, clear-cut answers to the pregnant woman's most difficult and pressing questions. Pregnancy is a time of great emotional and physical change that creates countless concerns and questions for the expectant mother. All too often, however, many of these questions go unanswered because patients are hesitant or afraid to ask their obstetricians. Ita€™s Your Pregnancy is the modern womana€™s question-and-answer guide to every aspect of pregnancy and childbirth. Culled from years of office experience, telephone and personal interviews, as well as questionnaires, Ita€™s Your Pregnancy provides authoritative, sensitive, and compassionate answers to a pregnant womana€™s most difficult and pressing questions.Toxemia was thought to come from a toxin in a pregnant womana#39;s blood. The truth is ... Preeclampsia is the milder form of toxemia, in which a woman experiences water retention, high blood pressure, and proteinuria, but she does not suffer seizures. ... Women who are malnourished, overweight, carrying twins, or under eighteen or over thirty-five are also more likely to suffer toxemia. ... Many pregnant women do not have toxemia but they nevertheless retain water and suffer edema.

Title:It's Your Pregnancy
Author:Niels H. Lauersen
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-06-15


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