I've Already Met The Devil

I've Already Met The Devil

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A horde of battle hardened Nazi panzers charge over the frozen landscape of Bastogne in a last, desperate act to fulfill Hitler's maniacal dream. Calmly waiting in his machine gun nest is the teenager from Colorado. His eyes are focused on the tree line, and his frostbitten fingers touch the trigger. Archangelo, known as Johnny, is about to meet the devil, and hea€™s about to spit in his eye. Johnny, the last of Nick and Angelinaa€™s seven children, stands his ground that Christmas night as he has throughout his service in the elite corps of the 101st Airborne Division. He returns home a humble, reluctant hero searching not for acclaim, but for peace, to shed his nightmares of death, to find comfort with his family, and make his way with Carlo, the brother he adores. But the devil returns, defiant and dangerous as ever. Johnnya€™s own kind, people of his Sicilian heritage, present the ultimatum: Join us in our corrupt, diabolical world, or you will be destroyed and everything you fought for in your first war will be lost. In this second war against his neighbors, does he defy the devil once again?Bessemer open hearth furnace, and how both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bessemer became immensely wealthy making steel. ... when the soot came, it was real hard for my mother to do the wash and hang it out to dry on the backyard clothesline.

Title:I've Already Met The Devil
Author:R.K. Price
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-09-08


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