Jack King; Murder Mystery and One Smoking Cat

Jack King; Murder Mystery and One Smoking Cat

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Ever had to sit next to someone unpleasant on the bus for a long time? Did they stare at you for the whole journey without blinking, whilst extracting a reluctant object from their nose? And did they smell bad? Well, he's in the story. Can you imagine what it would be like to have a cat sink its claws into your neck whilst it gnawed into your throat? He's in the book too. These and other similar issues are just some of the situations encountered by detectives as they dig up the dirt investigating a kidnapping. As they prepare to interview acquaintances of the suspect (Jack King) where they would compare times and places, they couldn't possibly have prepared themselves for the insane people they were about to meet. The first of these was 'the guy from the bus, ' a little retarded and would make the detectives earn their pay to get any sense out of him. He also had a whimsical habit of blowing his house up, lets hope the detectives don't go inside. Enter vicious red haired brute. This was the local neighbour and extra from Lord of the Rings and her name was Laurel. Finally the detectives would have to deal with the elderly eccentric relatives who'd lost more than their marbles. Meanwhile Jack King blissfully unaware of any wrong doing, carried on with his usual routine in life. Lately that consisted of chasing a white rabbit through countless gardens, fighting large cat with one hand, ogling at beautiful girls in pyjamas or nurses, before the police came after him. But all this would pale into insignificance when he went to hospital and was accosted by woman assassin with gun as he lay naked on the bed.He also wore a clingy vesta€”the old man, not the squirrel bobbing arounda€”which sported the words a#39;not long to go now. ... as his neck didna#39;t turn freely these days, with a touch of something setting ina€”maybe advanced signs of rigor mortis.

Title:Jack King; Murder Mystery and One Smoking Cat
Author:Stewart Shandley
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-01


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