Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer

Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer

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One of the founders of the gay and lesbian liberation movement, Jack Nichols was a warrior for gay equality. Recounting his life and work, Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer: a€œHave You Heard My Message?a€ skillfully weaves the story of a man, a movement, and a moment that shaped gay and lesbian history. This powerful biography captures the wisdom, passion, and spirit of a prolific activist and inspirational human being who refused to be silent in a society that considered homosexuality to be sinful and criminal. As a journalist, activist, and editor of the first gay weekly newspaper in the United States, Jack Nichols left a legacy of gay rights, gay pride, and tremendous courage. Covering episodes before and after Stonewall, during the AIDS epidemic, and beyond, Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer charts the life of this pivotal figure from his childhood in the suburbs of Washington, DC, to his final impassioned days in a Florida cancer treatment center in 2005. This book also explores Nicholsa€™ family history and its unique influence on his activist tendencies, as well as his revolutionary relationship with Lige Clark and their status as a€œthe most famous homosexuals in America.a€ Thoughtful and moving, Jack Nichols: Gay Pioneer also includes the ideas Nichols used to bring the movement to critical mass, and the sources that were influential to his work. Some of the topics detailed in this book are the early influence of Burns and Whitman on the homosexual movement, the integration of androgyny and anarchism into his activist philosophy, his attack on the psychiatric establishmenta€™s theory of homosexuality as a a€œsicknessa€, and his work and vision in mena€™s liberation. Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer: a€œHave You Heard My Message?a€ offers a compelling look at the man and the movement, as well as a wealth of hard-to-find summaries on underground gay journalism, detailed references, personal photographs, and a complete bibliography of Nicholsa€™s major writings. This book is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the history and future of LGBT movements, as well as students, educators, and researchers seeking a comprehensive and thorough treatment of this revolutionary figure.In Chevy Chase, where senators lived only a block or so away (as did Senator Hickenloopera€”in whose back yard I often played soccer), celebrity was commonplace. ... Nichols used a€œJohn Anderson, My Jo, a€ as a poetic expression of his vision of close male relationships. ... rewrote the verse in a€œJohn Anderson, My Joa€ to change the tone from eroticism to affection, from passion to companionship .12 Burnsanbsp;...

Title:Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer
Author:J. Louis Campbell III
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-12-06


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