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Jacky is beautiful Red Head. She is built the way guys dream about. An Ex Commando sergeant. Jacky is unbeatable in hand to hand combat, which she proves many times. Against rapists, thieves, kidnappers and Traitors. She is teamed up with three young guys. The four of them become national heroes in four different countries. They operate off of a ninety foot schooner owned and commanded by a Three Star Admiral. They came aboard to perform a mission. They sail to Beaver Island, Find a missing plane, which has evidence of WWII Traitors .Tour salt mine under Detroit , then locate a lead mine In Chicago while riding a sea sled. Jacky is requested by Scotland Yard, to find, four kidnapped girls. Daughters of members of Parliament. Jacky catches an eighteen pound Muskie. Mario smokes it I RA Tries to kidnap Irish Ambassadors daughter. Head back to Chicago. Jacky has great operatic voice. Sings with Beautiful Irish Ambassador. Arrive in Chicago as great heroes Jacky is an Angel. The Clerk of Cook County, Richard J. Daley throws a great party for Jacky. Ita€™s all described much better inside. READ the BOOKThere were two double barrel shotguns and one sawed-off Winchester model 12, Pump shotgun. He looked ... Then he dumped all the powder into an ashtray, he put a small amount of powder back into the cartridge cases. ... Now if someone fired any of McPhaila#39;s handguns, the slug wouldna#39;t do much more than a BB gun.

Author:Edward Iversen
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-04-04


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