James Bond in World and Popular Culture

James Bond in World and Popular Culture

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James Bond in World and Popular Culture: The Films are Not Enough provides the most comprehensive study of the James Bond phenomena ever published. The 40 original essays provide new insights, scholarship, and understanding to the world of James Bond. Topics include the Bond girl, Bond related video games, Ian Fleminga€™s relationship with the notorious Aleister Crowley and CIA director Alan Dulles. Other articles include Fleming as a character in modern fiction, Bond Jr. comics, the post Fleming novels of John Gardner and Raymond Benson, Bond as an American Superhero, and studies on the music, dance, fashion, and architecture in Bond films. Woody Allen and Peter Sellers as James Bond are also considered, as are Japanese imitation films from the 1960s, the Britishness of Bond, comparisons of Bond to Christian ideals, movie posters and much more. Scholars from a wide variety of disciplines have contributed a unique collection of perspectives on the world of James Bond and its history. Despite the diversity of viewpoints, the unifying factor is the James Bond mythos. James Bond in World and Popular Culture: The Films are Not Enough is a much needed contribution to Bond studies and shows how this cultural icon has changed the world.a€œThe mystic cult of millions: The people from U.N.C.L.E.a€ TV Guide, 19 March: 15- 18. ... Mr. Spock, and the Image of the Cerebral Hero in TV Drama, a€ in Lisa Holderman ed., Common Sense: Intelligence as Presented on Popular Television.

Title:James Bond in World and Popular Culture
Author:Robert G. Weiner, B. Lynn Whitfield, Jack Becker
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2012-12-04


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