James the Brother of Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

James the Brother of Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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In this concluding volume of James the Brother of Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls II: The Damascus Code, the Tent of David, the New Covenant, and the Blood of Christ, renowned biblical scholar Robert Eisenman compresses in a more reader-friendly format the results of previous work, creating a more comprehensive picture of Jesusa€™ brother James as a€œthe pivotal Opposition Leadera€ of the time leading up to the War against Rome (66-70 CE). Is there an interconnecting code between the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls? Eisenman a€“ who broke the Scrolls monopoly and was the first to identify the so-called a€œJames Ossuarya€ as fraudulent a€“ shows that there is. Moreover, in this newly-revised volume, he a€˜decodesa€™ many beloved and famous sayings of the Gospels, such as a€œEvery plant which My Heavenly Father has not planted shall be uprooted, a€a€œA man shall not be known by what goes into his mouth but by what comes out of it, a€a€œDo not throw Holy Things to dogsa€, etc. including chapters like a€œThe Dogs who Licked Poor Lazarusa€™ Soresa€ or a€œRabbi Eliezera€™s Bad Breath and Lazarusa€™ Stinking Bodya€. In identifying the Scrolls as the literature of a€œthe Messianic Movement in Palestinea€; he not only connects a€œJames the Brother of Jesusa€ to the Leadership of a€˜Early Christianitya€™ in Palestine, but also to qthe Righteous Teachera€ in the Scrolls. Offering a point-by-point analysis of James' relationship to the Habakkuk Commentary, The Damascus Document, The War Scroll, etc., he also illumines the subjects qthe Pella Flight and raising the Fallen Tent of Davida€, a€œPaul as an Herodian, a€a€œthe Wilderness Camps, a€ and a€œPetera€a€™s role as a€œa prototypical Essenea€ but in Acts as a mouthpiece for anti-Semitism. In doing so he, not only clarifies the true history of Palestine in the First Century, but deciphers the way a€˜the picturea€™ of a€œJesusa€ was put together in the Gospels and, as a consequence, what can be known about the real a€œJesusa€. He also covers subjects like a€œthe New Covenant in the Land of Damascusa€ and Paula€™s attack on James on the Temple steps, extending it to the competition between Paul and a€œthe Party of Jamesa€ over a€œCircumcisiona€ in Antioch and the conversion of Queen Helen Adiabene and her sons in Northern Syria, who led the a€œfamine reliefa€ effort ascribed to Paul in Acts. Moreover, he will show the figure of James to have been so influential and highly-regarded in the Jerusalem of his day that his death was the capstone event leading up to the Jewish Revolt against Rome. In making these arguments and exposing actual a€˜overwritesa€™, a crucial new point that emerges is his identification of the Qumran document called by scholars a€œMMTa€ as a a€˜Jamesiana€™ Letter to a€œthe Great King of the Peoples beyond the Euphrates.a€ At the same time, he unravels the real a€œcodea€ behind the pivotal New Testament allusion: a€œThis is the Cup of the New Covenant in My Blood, a€ connecting it to a€œthe New Covenant in the Land of Damascusa€ and a€œgiving the Cup of the Right Hand of the Lord ( qthe Cup of Divine Wratha€) to drinka€ in both the Damascus Document and Habakkuk Pesher in the Scrolls. Did Paul know the meaning of the famous Damascus Document (discovered in Cairo in the Nineteenth Century) a€œto set the Holy Things up according to their precise specificationsa€a€“ or the reverse of it, as Peter is presented as being made to understand by a€œa Voice out of Heavena€ and a€œa Tableclotha€ descending out of it a€“a€œto make no distinctions between Holy and profanea€a€“ on a rooftop in Gaza? In this series, Eisenmana€™s revelations will extend far beyond these examples. James the Brother of Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls, both I and II, will complete the task of rescuing James from the oblivion into which he was cast, either intentionally or via benign neglect. His conclusion will, therefore, definitively bear on the problem of a€œthe Historical Jesusa€: a€œWho and whatever James was, so was Jesus.a€ Eisenmana€™s many readers will not be disappointed.... exactly in the manner of a#39;the Poora#39; in the a#39;Nakdimona#39;/a#39;Jesus ben Gamalaa#39; stories above.40 In this picture in Mark 11:7 too, ... but it basically shows the interchangeability of all these expressions) and the a#39;ten lepersa#39; of Luke 17:12 turn into, anbsp;...

Title:James the Brother of Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Author:Robert Eisenman
Publisher:Grave Distractions Pub. - 2012-09-19


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