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Janis grew up in North Sacramento where neighbors were like family. When her parents divorced and sold their home, Janis learned to adapt to many different environments. She milked cows on her aunt's farm, attended a one-room schoolhouse and found the love of her life in a beautiful little town called Round Valley. This book contains a kaleidoscope of cherished moments ranging from childhood memories to family history. Janis and her husband, Ted, decided to qsmell the rosesq as they went along, so they saved up all winter in order to travel a week or two in the summer. They appreciate the opportunities to have seen many awesome things of beauty on their journeys like DaVinci's statue of David, The Hope Diamond and the Lincoln Monument. Retirement is a gift of time to enjoy family, grandkids, yard sales and casinos. There are still places to see, so the traveling itch may need a little more scratching.kitten?a€ When my mother said I could have it, I was the happiest little girl in the world. This marvelous creature had to have a very special name. I started collecting ... What does she look like to you?a€ He glanced at this rumpled mite in my arms and sarcastically replied, a€œShe looks like rigor mortis to me.a€ I pondered over thisanbsp;...

Author:Janis C. Nelson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-06-29


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