Japanese Words & Their Uses

Japanese Words & Their Uses

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Many students dutifully memorize the simple English equivalents that are usually given for Japanese wordsa€”with the result that they speak poor Japanese. Effective communication requires an understanding of the unique usages of Japanese vocabulary items, which often differ greatly from those of their English qequivalents.q Until now, one of the biggest problems has been the lack of adequate reference materials on Japanese usage. This book fills the gap by concisely explaining 300 troublesome but essential words and phrases, which are alphabetically arranged for easy reference. It discusses not only how they should be used but also how they should not be used, contrasting them with their English qequivalents.q The entries include many sample sentences and cross-references, along with notes on usage mistakes committed by the author's own students. Drawing on his long experience in teaching Japanese, as well as scholarly research, Professor Miura has produced a work that offers real help to students and teachers of the language everywhere.How are you? Although Ogenki desu ka a€œAre you well?a€ is sometimes taught in Japanese language textbooks for English speakers ... has almost been reduced to the status of a greeting, and it often serves merely as another way of saying a€œHi !

Title:Japanese Words & Their Uses
Author:Akira Miura
Publisher:Tuttle Publishing - 2015-01-20


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