Java Lost, a Child Imprisoned

Java Lost, a Child Imprisoned

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Emilie Marianne Yda Wilbrink (Jannie), was born to Lady Emilie Martha Teding van Berkhout (Emie) and her commoner husband Willem Gerrit Jan Wilbrink (Wim). Wim was the Manager of a coffee and rubber plantation known as Kepoetren, in the fertile grounds and hills on the Island of Java, Indonesia, not far from Malang. The plantation, surrounded by the thick rich tropical vegetation commonly found in the Indonesian jungles, beckoned Jannie, a tomboy, to come and explore its many facets. This is a world where monkeys frolicked, swinging from the trees, and where other forms of wildlife lurked. Life on Kepoetren was respectful to all who lived and worked there. Jannie s father taught her many of life s lessons, as World War II was raging around the world. This is her story. Look for Book 2, Part II, Eighteen Inches On A Mattress; and Book 3, Part III, The Aftermath, and Part IV, On To A New Country, of this amazing€œAm I imagining it or is the water level going down?a€ We all squinted at the river. a€œ Youa#39;re right, a€ Mom said. a€œAnd ita#39;s going down fast!a€ a€œI bet it has something to do with that rumble we heard a while ago.a€ Dad looked at the distant mountain slopesanbsp;...

Title:Java Lost, a Child Imprisoned
Author:Jannie Wilbrink
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2010-12


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