Jehovah Goodbye

Jehovah Goodbye

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In this explosively controversial book, Richard Francis says that people who worship monsters become monsters. Most worship a godimage that is stupid and vicious! Worshiping this ancient wargod, this qultimate extraterrestrial, q drives people psychotic. For their god is psychotic. Religion, the world's worst idea, has spawned nightmarish, ghastly godimages. These have haunted and troubled us since childhood. Let us recognize a God Who is not a qbig daddy in the sky, q but Who is Love Itself. God is not a person, but a state of mind called qcosmic Love.q Knowing God as Love demolishes theories of everlasting torture in hellfire and cruel, childish Armageddon, replacing them with healthy views. If you think that the cosmos is ruled by a madman, you are going to live very differently than if you believe that it is regulated by a being of Love, tranquility and bliss.God never fixes their car, never repairs their deck or furnace, never even mows their lawn! ... in the skya€ is an amusing and encouraging fairy-tale for children, but this idea of a god who is essentially a a€œgeniea€ or a€œSanta Clausa€ is purely fictional, anbsp;...

Title:Jehovah Goodbye
Author:Richard Shiningthunder Francis
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-05-01


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