Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves

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Jenolan Caves, just west of Sydney, on the east coast of Australia, are frequently described as one of the most spectacular and readily accessible limestone cave systems in the world. This richly illustrated book reveals the stories of Jenolan Caves in in a fascinating mixture of historical photographs, informative illustrations, detailed maps, easy to read text, and stunning colour photographs. Each of the show caves is described in detail, including the iconic formations that make each one a treasure-house of crystal. However, not all of the Jenolan wonders are secreted underground. The immediate surrounds of the Caves are replete with abundant wildlife immersed in the uniquely Australian bushland. This book contains 13 details maps, 23 vibrant illustrations, 47 intriguing historical photographs, 199 full colour photos, and 72, 000 words of engaging narration, spread over 7 Chapters, 3 Appendices, and extensive Endnotes. Chapter 1. Introduction to Jenolan Caves Chapter 2. Hidden in the Mountains. (Location, rivers, land use, geology, climate, vegetation.) Chapter 3. Caves- Rocks, Water and Time. (Formation of the Caves over the last 416 million years.) Chapter 4. Cave Formations- Speleothems (How the great variety of cave formations come about.) Chapter 5. Experiencing the Caves Over Time. (Aboriginal and European discovery and use of the Caves.) Chapter 6. The Show Caves of Jenolan. Chapter 7. The Jenolan Surrounds. (Flora and Fauna, including extinct megafauna, and 'missing' animals.) Appendix 1. Gundungurra Dreamtime Story Appendix 2. Cave Chemistry Appendix 3. Dating Jenolan Caves Suggested Further Reading Endnotesthe Complete Guide Mark Hallinan ... The burrow is vitally important to wombats as it is their prime defence against both high and low temperatures. A single ... [ 122] Another wombat adaptation to burrowing is a pouch that faces backwards.

Title:Jenolan Caves
Author:Mark Hallinan
Publisher:Critical Concepts Press - 2014-09-28


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