Jerry Baker's Bug Off!

Jerry Baker's Bug Off!

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qMore than 2, 190 new solutions that are guaranteed to put bad bugs, four-legged fiends, and any other garden thugs in their place.q--Page 4 of cover.2, 193 Super Secrets for Battling Bad Bugs, Outfoxing Crafty Critters, Evicting Voracious Varmints and Much More! ... and hose down everything in your yard three times a week, preferably early in the morning or late in the evening. THIS IS ... Before the guests show up, spray everything in your yard with Mosquito Lemon Aid (at right). ... Nothing takes the fun out of summer like a bunch of itchy mosquito bites. Well, THUG BUSTER batch of my Caterpillar Killer Tonic (below). Then load up.

Title:Jerry Baker's Bug Off!
Author:Jerry Baker
Publisher:American Master Products, Inc. - 2005-09-01


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