Jetpack Dreams

Jetpack Dreams

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qJetpack Dreamsq chronicles the colorful pop history and science of that most amazing and mysterious of machines: the jetpack. Fueled by a fascination and lifelong obsession with the power of flight, journalist Mac Montandon goes on a vastly entertaining search of the elusive invention. He examines the jetpack's inspiration from the first shoulder-mounted wings to Bill Suitor's 1984 Olympic flight, even uncovering a gruesome jetpack-related murder in Houston. From the earliest days of the 'pack to its enduring role in popular culture-with Buck Rogers, James Bond, Boba Fett-Montandon seeks to answer two simple questions: Where is the jetpack that was promised to him, and to all of us, years ago? And if it's out there, can he catch a ride?One Mana#39;s Up and Down (but Mostly Down) Search for the Greatest Invention That Never Was Mac Montandon. worked out a ... Gibson dispatched Barker to Houston to repair the valve with machinists familiar with the part. Barker did as he anbsp;...

Title:Jetpack Dreams
Author:Mac Montandon
Publisher:Da Capo Press - 2008


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