JFK Zoological Horror

JFK Zoological Horror

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JFK's last words at Parkland Hospital as Jackie holds up Johns head with one hand and the other holds Johna€™s brains in. Dr. Clark Kent, Dr. Killdear and the rest of the physicians gather around your beloved President. a€˜Jackie I have not failed, I have kept my promise to please and make every American happy! There was just that one who was difficult to please, the Assassin! I have pleased even him today the catastrophic cranial injury he inflicted on me must have pleased him! I have the foresight to speculate that one day he will write a book brutality of cutting me down in my prime. He will find enormous enjoyment knowing patriots will pang and cry as he goes over the smallest details of how he murder me in the streets of Dallas. Only then will I have content, of fulfilling my promise. Patriots obey me-buy his book and read it. For the Clone Administration, each one must buy a dozen copies at full retail price. This will be the final straw why I was not replaced in the snap of a finger.'It did not melt like an Maamp;M in your hand. ... Illegal fireworks from Wyoming, that one must have been a cherry bomb; you heard it was so loud. ... Me, Ia#39;m thinking he is a clone replacement because so many others did not make it, and he was in the high-kill zone, but...., it could have happened---a cold wave dumps him.

Title:JFK Zoological Horror
Author:Paul Gibson
Publisher:Paul Gibson -


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