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Prentice's blood ran cold as he listened to Ali. The F.B.I. knew something was up, they just didn't know what. And nobody, as far as he knew, suspected anything this big. The first thing he had to do was call Washington, D.C. on a secure satellite phone and let them know. Then he would call all of his men and close in on the truck. He couldn't let the cell members get far enough to actually hijack the windsailers from the truck. But could he catch them in time, he hoped so for the sake of the free world, or the whole world for that matter. After meeting at a truck driving school, two novice truck drivers, Lance Getty and former detective sergeant Wil Fox, start team driving and run up against the cargo hijacking industry. The hijackings are part of an Al Qaeda plan to bring murder and mayhem to the United States by blowing up four hydroelectric dams on the West Coast. With backup from the FBI, the truckers clash with the hijackers and Al Qaeda in the Nevada desert, lighting up the night sky with a stunning pyrotechnic display. But who will make it out alive? And will the United States ever be safe again?This night Jesus would need to find an 1995 Acura and/or a 1998 Toyota Camry. Humbertoa#39;s assignment was either a 2001 Toyota full size or a 1999 Chevy Silverado full-size pickup. They both ... Meanwhile the owner had whipped out his cell phone and called the police with a description of his car and the license number.

Author:David Newton
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-03


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