Joe Blow

Joe Blow

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This book was written to share the stories of a common, ordinary person that has had some extraordinary moments in my life. It is my purpose to inspire those of you that feel that you are a common, everyday, ordinary person to know that you have either extraordinary abilities, have performed some level of extraordinary feats, have experienced some extraordinary occurrences and that your life is as valuable and worthwhile as everyone elsea€™s life including celebrities, executives and other high-profile people. If you are a celebrity, executive and/or high-profile person you can rejoice that your life and accomplishments have gone uniquely to a higher level, that you are very fortunate in having attained your status and position and that you are part of the elite of humankind. Yet, in enjoying this elite status you may recognize the common, ordinary people around you and understand that though we have not reached your level of status and position, our lives are filled with ambitions, dreams, experiences and accomplishments that are extraordinary unto themselves.For those of you that dona#39;t know, a tick is a very small insect that attaches itself to you and sucks your blood. It is quite difficult to remove a tick from your body or to kill a tick while it is attached because it is so small and almost flat. Even if a tickanbsp;...

Title:Joe Blow
Author:Anthony Herron
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-07-04


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