Joe Victim

Joe Victim

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NOMINATED FOR THE 2014 EDGAR AWARD FOR BEST PAPERBACK ORIGINAL Sometimes reality can really get in the way of a good story. Joe Middletona€™s story is this: He doesna€™t remember killing anyone, so therea€™ s no way a jury can convict him of serial murder. He calls himself Joe Victim, trying, as he awaits trial, to convince the psychiatrists that he wasna€™t in control of his actions, trusting that the system will save him in the end. But others know Joe as the infamous Christchurch Carver and they want to see him dead. Therea€™s Melissa, Joea€™s accomplice in one of the murders, who plans on shooting him on his way to the courthouse before he gets a chance to start talking. Then therea€™s Raphael, whose daughter was one of the Carvera€™s victims. Though hea€™s tried to move on with life as the leader of a counseling group for grieving family members, hea€™d like nothing more than to watch Joe pay. Finally therea€™s Carl Schroder, the ex-detective who locked Joe up and is determined to put things right for the case of his career. To extract himself from this epic mess, Joe has come up with a desperate plan involving a television psychic whoa€™s looking to get rich by making people believe just about anything. Ita€™s a long shot, but it had better work before he becomes the poster boy for a death penalty that may be reinstated in New Zealand, which isna€™t quite the dramatic ending he is hoping fora€bI go out the door and therea#39;s a car parked there. ... I get it started and I drive around to the front of the church and there are no police cars, just people from moma#39;s ... And therea#39;s a metal chain going from her ankle to the metal pipe of a radiator.

Title:Joe Victim
Author:Paul Cleave
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2013-09-03


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