Johnny Nine

Johnny Nine

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YouAave read the reporterAas story, the mystery writerAas story and the investigative reporterAas read the story told from the point of view of a juror in the Tom Capano murder trial. What is the day to day life of a juror in a high profile murder case? The parade of witnesses, who is believable and who is not? The evidence, the sometimes bizzare testimony, and the tedious. This book talks about all of these issues, sometimes with curiousity, astoundment, horror and even, sometimes, amusement. Every element that makes up humanity comes through in this trial, and in the pages of this book.Donovan read from the ownera#39;s manual from a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Cheverolet Suburban, revealing that the Jeep Grand Cherokee would hold only twenty four gallons of gasoline. Robert Metzner testified next, regarding bouyancy.

Title:Johnny Nine
Author:Johnathan M. Carter
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2000-11-27


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