John's Marketing Gems

John's Marketing Gems

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Johna€™s Marketing Gems is the remarkable culmination of John Thomasena€™s career as a master marketer at some of the top companies in the world. Having worked at companies including eBay, TiVo, and Fujitsu, as well as various tech startups, Thomasen has acquired marketing insights that few others ever have. Now it is time to share that knowledge with the world. Johna€™s Marketing Gems is filled with 25 priceless gems: Gem #1: Pay the Customer, Not the Media Company Gem #2: Incentives Work Gem #3: Tell Me a Story Gem #4: The Truth about Testing Gem #5: What is Marketing? Gem #6: Give Me the Features Gem #7: ROI is Almost Meaningless Gem #8: I Hate Surveys Gem #9: I Love Surveys Gem #10: Cause a Riot Gem #11: Find Your Position Gem #12: Swarm Them Gem #13: Keep Loyalty Programs Simple Gem #14: Outsource Everything Gem #15: How I Tripled Sales at a Major Computer Company Gem #16: Understand the Situation Gem #17: How I Helped Revitalize TiVo Gem #18: Are Brands Important? Gem #19: People Remember Images Gem #20: Understand Your Margins Gem #21: Leverage the Knowledge of Others Gem #22: Limit Choices Gem #23: The Value of a Customer Gem #24: The 3 Ms of Viral Marketing Gem #25: Learn from Vitamin Water Industry media have shown praise for Johna€™s Marketing Gems and Johna€™s Online Marketing Gems. a€œRemarkable! The most inspiring marketing advice in years.a€ -- The San Francisco Chronicle a€œJohn Thomasen has done it. He has put together what can only be described as a classic.a€ -- Ivey Business Journal a€œBrilliant book. Thomasen provides plenty of useful examples. a€ -- Buzzfeed25 Tips from a Silicon Valley Veteran that will Make Your Company a lot of Money John Thomasen. I did it all because, quite frankly, I had no choice. I had to grow this ... Gem #22: LimitChoices Offering customers too many choices can backfire. Indecision creeps in ... In thecase of golf, I wantto be told about theoneclub that willmake my game better, or theone club that Tiger Woods uses. When consumersanbsp;...

Title:John's Marketing Gems
Author:John Thomasen
Publisher:John's Marketing Gems - 2013-09-30


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