Joyce, Benjamin and Magical Urbanism

Joyce, Benjamin and Magical Urbanism

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Joyce, Benjamin and Magical Urbanism offers for the first time a sustained exploration of parallels between the fiction of James Joyce and the cultural criticism of Walter Benjamin. Benjamin is perhaps modernismOCOs most eloquent theorist, Joyce its finest writer of fiction, both haunted the same Paris streets at the height of the modernist moment, and both developed accounts of the flaneurOCOs encounter with the city, with commodity culture and with others, that were revolutionary in their day and continue to set the agendas for culture and cultural critique. To place some of the work of each side by side is to make evident their affinities: the skills of each as new cartographers of the urban, the interest of each in ethnicity, nationalism, and exile, the way in which the OCyProfane illuminationOCO celebrated by Benjamin meets the OCyEpiphanyOCO of JoyceOCOs A Portrait, as each rethought the epistemology of insight in the modernist moment. This collection explores these parallels between two of the greatest modernists, casting the aesthetic strategies of Joyce in the light of the aesthetic critique of Benjamin, opening up the politics of the one in the light of those of the other, and discerning the parallels between JoyceOCOs version of a modern urban world in which self and society effect an uneasy rapprochement and BenjaminOCOs modernist scenarios in which the aura might still linger. This collection discovers extraordinary parallels between the two writers who, writing in Paris, offered new accounts of urban selfhood and survival to the world.qAt the outset, I should apologize for an essay that will have less to say about Joyce than you may desire. ... he says this about the dialectical images that his commentary on reality tries to produce: a€œthe place where one encounters them is languagea€ (AP ... But for Benjamin, the dialectical image is neither ruin nor dream , for the synthesis that makes the historical image dialectical lies in the act of perceptionanbsp;...

Title:Joyce, Benjamin and Magical Urbanism
Author:Maurizia Boscagli
Publisher:Rodopi - 2011


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