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A fast-paced developer's introduction to the JSP Standard Tag Library (due June 2002), Sun's official library of functions for qbest practicesq in JSP development. Many existing JSP titles don't cover the final JSTL release. Explains how and when to use JSTL to avoid qreinventing the wheel.q This book's approach provides a rapid introduction for working developers with minimal handholding along the way. The JSP Standard Tag Library is a collection of commonly used functions and tools invaluable to JSP developers to avoid re-creating the same functions on site after site. Sun has indicated that JSP development should be based around using tag libraries going forward, and will release JSP STL as their official library. This book starts with an in-depth discussion of the JSP STL, then goes beyond the standard library to teach developers to create their own tags to further encapsulate the most common features of their specific applications. Along the way, readers learn to use tags to access data, process XML, handle expressions, and further customize pages for international visitors. Later chapters explain how readers can expand the Standard Tag Library by creating their own tags. Jeff Heatonis a consultant, college instructor, and author who currently works for the Reinsurance Company of America (RGA) as a Java Software Designer. Jeff also teaches Java and C++ at St. Louis Community College at Meramec, and has worked with companies such as Mastercard, Anheuser-Busch, and Boeing. He's a Sun Certified Java Programmer and a member of the IEEE, and has published numerous articles in Java magazines and journals. Previously, Jeff wrote Programming Spiders, Bots and Aggregators in Java, (0782140408, Sybex) 3/2002.NOTE The method I used to translate this file to Chinese is typical of how you might translate actual resource bundles. I used a third party; the ... In Windows XP , select Settings, Control Panel, Regional and Language Options. In the resulting anbsp;...

Author:Jeff Heaton
Publisher:Sams Publishing - 2002


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