Judge Dredd: The Savage Amusement

Judge Dredd: The Savage Amusement

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It's election day in Mega-City One, and Judge Death is leading the polls. He's running for mayor on the 'All Life is a Crime' ticket. But if the Psi-Judges' predictions are right, the Big Meg may soon be a crime-free zone. Out on the streets, the city's top lawman is doing his job. A robot-torturing maniac has taken over Weather Control - but Judge Dredd can handle it. Then he finds out a satellite housing development is heading straight to the ground, and someone has let the supervillains out of iso-block 666. Meanwhile, a clone-killing virus is spreading through the ranks of the Judges . . . Even for Mega-City One, it's shaping up to be a bad day.a#39;I killed her! I killeda#39; a#39;She was dead already, a#39; grunted Kelleher. a#39;Now get back to the labs and find me something that will stop this damn virus. ... watched as the corpse of Louella walked jerkily towards them, smiling its inane deathgrimace.

Title:Judge Dredd: The Savage Amusement
Author:David Bishop
Publisher:2000 AD Books - 2015-08-12


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