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Juicing--it's much more than squeezing an orange into a cup and drinking it. Juicing is the process of extracting the pure nutrients from fruits and vegetables to provide your body with immediate and lasting health benefits like you never thought possible. In this book, you will read about the rewards you can gain from juicing the REAL way. You will learn the difference between juicing and blending, what type of juicer works best, and what different juiced fruits and vegetables can do for your body and health. I have included an exhaustive list of fruits and vegetables and their healing properties, many delicious and nutritious juicing recipes, and even a section on what to do with the remaining pulp after you juice. My goal is to educate others in what I have experienced in my years of juicing, which is weight loss, increased energy, overall health, and feeling great! Juicing is not a passing trend--it can be a way of life, and a path to health. Enjoy this read--and enjoy your juice.If you are juicing vegetables, you can use the pulp in your kidsa#39; mac and cheese. ... It is also a great way to add some veggies to the kidsa#39; meal, especially if you are using the boxed mac ... For example, you can make healthy crackers. All you anbsp;...

Author:Rafal Col
Publisher:Rafal Col Publishing - 1991


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