Jump-Start Your Canine Care

Jump-Start Your Canine Care

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You must have commitment, unconditional love, and loyalty when taking the leap to canine adoption. When you adopt an animal, you become their sole provider. In Jump-Start Your Canine Care, author V. Nunley provides a guide to help dog lovers move in a more liberal and positive direction in regard to companion animalsa€™ treatment and care. Focusing on a shift from mere pet ownership to companionship and guardianship, Nunley explores the many issues involved in the long-term care and protection of your canine companion. Jump-Start Your Canine Care offers advice in many subject areas to include: a€c deciding whether or not to adopt a dog; a€c choosing between a shelter or a store; a€c selecting the right companion animal; a€c considering doggie daycare or a boarding kennel; a€c picking a groomer; a€c understanding preventive measures; a€c handling holidays, traveling, and neighbors; a€c making contingency plans; a€c hound-proofi ng your home. Bringing a loyal canine companion into your home is a life-altering move, but ita€™s also one thata€”with careful preparation, planning, and traininga€”provides many joys and rewards. a€œNever compromise on companion carea€You wouldna#39;t leap into adopting a childa€”so why do so when adopting a four- legged friend? and not report abuse. It is our responsibility to report and prevent a€c abuse. If you see or suspect abuse, please report the incident to animal control!

Title:Jump-Start Your Canine Care
Author:V. Nunley
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-10-28


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