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The Fireman and the Ice Queen - Dee S Knight Harm Reynolds didna€™t ask to be the liaison between the firefightersa€™ union and the city, but hea€™s been thrust into the role. Even worse, his opponent in the negotiations is the new assistant mayor, the reputed Ice Queen, a heartless ball buster who doesna€™t care if his men charge into fiery buildings with equipment that wona€™t work. Hea€™s determined to prove a fireman can handle the Ice Queen. Beth Edwards knows shea€™s reputed to be a heartless bitch, and in truth, shea€™s even used it to her advantage at times. She isna€™t without compassion; she just doesna€™t handle emotion well. And since she only has time for career plans and none for love, well, what does a nasty nickname matter? Both Beth and Harm should know playing with fire--whether it involved matches or love--is a dangerous thing to do. Inferno - Colleen Love Henrietta James is completely satisfied with her polished, metropolitan lifestyle until she accepts an assignment that brings one heroic Cade Lane into her world. Henrietta's research reveals that Mr. Lane is not only the firefighter that saves a childa€™s life, he's a man with a pin-up calendar worthy body, but more importantly a man that deserves appreciation. For Cade Lane, being is firefighter is more than a job--it's who he is. He is also very surprised to find that Henri James is a woman! A very sexy woman who sets his blood burning. He quickly does anything he can to get closer to her and kindles the heat of instant attraction between them, stirring an inferno. When trouble threatens, putting heart and body in harm's way, can the flames of love be kept burning bright despite the firestorm?a€œDo you grill?a€ a€œDo salmon swim upstream to spawn?a€ a€œCana#39;t prove it by me.a€ She took a plate from the refrigerator. Lifting the aluminum foil, she held it out so he could see the rib eyes. it doesna#39;tmatter dona#39;t a€œThey look great. And ifyou knowanbsp;...

Author:Colleen Love, Dee S. Knight
Publisher:Liquid Silver Books - 2009-06-01


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