Junior Biology: Study Guide

Junior Biology: Study Guide

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JUNIOR BIOLOGY is a comprehensive study guide aimed at middle school or junior secondary school students (grades 7 to 9, ages 12 to 15). It is a carefully designed and written revision ebook to help students improve their knowledge and understanding in Biological Science. The notes are presented in a bullet-point style, packed with colourful annotated info-graphics, diagrams, tables and charts to help students consume and digest facts quickly. Annotated diagrams and tables are extensively used in this book to make learning easy and to facilitate studentsa€™ understanding and mastery of the subject. Whilst this book is not written to address specific state-based or ministry-based syllabi, it is written to address the selected Biology content domain that is widely taught and relevant to most Biology courses around the world. Its contents cover wide ranges of selected topic areas in the TIMSS 2015 Science Framework for the Eighth Grade, Key Stage 3 Science, IB MYP Science, ICAS Science, NGSS, Australian Curriculum, and many more! The contents covered in this ebook are: Chapter 1: Cell and organisation Chapter 2: Biodiversity Chapter 3: Interdependence Chapter 4: The world through our senses Chapter 5: Nutrition and digestion Chapter 6: The circulatory system Chapter 7: Respiration Chapter 8: Excretion Chapter 9: Reproduction Chapter 10: Growth Chapter 11: Support and movement This book is written in plain English; therefore it serves as an excellent resource to assist students make a smooth transition from Primary Science to Secondary Science. Hence, JUNIOR BIOLOGY is an ideal bridging resource to help students who are new to secondary school get off to a flying start. This book is also a great revision companion for those who are studying for exams or refreshing and recalling their knowledge and understanding on certain concepts without having to read through pages and pages of school textbooks again. We hope that this book makes Biology interesting for you!to power supply a€c Initially, the sound of the bell can be heard because the sound is transferred by the vibration of the air molecules in the bell jar. a€c When all the air molecules belljar electricbell hammer air sucked out by the vacuum pump areanbsp;...

Title:Junior Biology: Study Guide
Author:Melinda Watts
Publisher:Learning Space Australia - 2014


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