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This comprehensive volume authoritatively describes our understanding of the complex and fascinating jovian system. Written by a team of world experts, it brings together every aspect of the giant planetary system, from the deep interior of Jupiter to the distant tiny satellites and swarms of escaping gas and dust. Chapters present a synthesis of experimental data from the Voyager, Galileo and Cassini missions, from telescopes on the ground and in space, and from theoretical models on the different components that make up the Jupiter system. This book is a valuable introduction for graduate students and an indispensable resource for all researchers in planetary science.Deep in loa#39;s ionosphere and in the center of the ionospheric wake the measurements show a deep minimum of ~105 K, as evident in the 127 and 10 flybys. ... The background magnetic field of 1850 nT decreased by as much as 700 nT due to a strong perturbation in the ... These measurements showed strong magnetic GO GO 1000 800 a#39; 600 s 400 I 200 0 -200 ... and there the slowed plasma is responsible for an enhanced magnetic field magnitude, as can be seen very well in Figureanbsp;...

Author:Fran Bagenal, Timothy Edward Dowling, William B. McKinnon
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2004


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