Just How Dumb Do You Think I Am?

Just How Dumb Do You Think I Am?

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Just How Dumb Do You Think I Am! Makes you ask yourself this question; qWhen scientists and scholars are trying to push their theories and ideas off on you?q This book contains some of the Lords answers to them. With cross references in the Bible, that prove out the validity of the word of God and its references to the everyday Life we live and about prophesies coming to pass and about creation verses evolution. It tells some of the problems I have encountered and some of the people around me. It dispels evolution and what a lot of scientists are saying about the big bang theory. It tells about a vision the Lord gave me, about Spiritual dreams that I had; these things only God could know about. God brought me back to life six times! He also inspired me to write this book. You will not be disappointed! Samuel H. Goodwin was born in 1942 in Aztec, New Mexico. In the early sixties he served his country in the Armed Forces, stationed in South Korea and Fort Polk, Louisiana. As a born again Christian Mr. Goodwin worked as a Union Industrial Asbestos Insulator on electric generating powerhouses across the United States, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his fellow employees, as he felt guided by the Lord. Many times he has felt the protection and guidance of Christ in his travels. Today Mr. Goodwin resides with his wife on his farm in Oklahoma and is a faithful member and Deacon of his local Christian church.up, because if our treasures are stored up in this world of material things that fire can burn, moths eat, rust can consume. Matthew 6:19-21 ... The hearse doesna#39;t always just roll up to the neighborsa#39; door, one day; it will roll up to mine and yours .

Title:Just How Dumb Do You Think I Am?
Author:Samuel Goodwin
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2008-03-01


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