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My son Jeff was looking for anything pertaining to my ship, USS Polaris, on the Internet. He came across Korean War Veterans. Then, he picked out a€œNavya€, and then a€œShip reunions.a€ I didna€™t know until 1999 that the Polaris held a reunion each year. Ita€™s not a large group, but wea€™ve bonded like family. We look forward to meeting for the reunion held each year in a different U.S. city. In this group, I want to give special thanks to a€œBilla€ Scott and Lee Nunez for the hours they put into keeping these reunions running smoothly. Anyone who served aboard the Polaris, World War II through its 1957 when it was decommissioned, is welcomed to our reunion. http://usspolarisaf11.us Sayonara to all the little farms with their neat, little vegetable gardens and rice patties, the familiar a€œchug-chuga€ of the fishing boats, the tunes of a€œChina Nighta€ and a€œKum-Kum Monsume, a€ and the shy, little children who dona€™t know what to make of Americans. Sayonara to the beautiful scenery created by trees with their lacy leaves in different shades of green, and the light, drifting snow flurries in winter.Icy penetrating wind comes down over you, and through you, fresh off the snow capped mountains. ... Now, it so happened that on the night of December 31, it was decided that there be a sentry watch on the dock to guard the ship, and to see that nobody ... They go off and go AWOL and ita#39;s not going to happen on my watch!

Author:Jim Blagg
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-01-23


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